In-service and out of service tank inspections of above ground crude oil storage tanks according to API 653 guidelines, analysis of results and recommendations.

Tank floors are inspected using MISTRAS developed and patented acoustic emission TANKPAC floor monitoring system, and graded.

This identifies corrosion in the tank floors and enables the asset owner make an informed decision on the suitability of the asset for continued use.

Corrosion Mapping (Large Structure Inspection) of storage tank shells, heat exchangers and pipelines using ultrasonic B-Scan, T-Scan and UT weld inspection by a fast remote controlled crawler. This provides a 3D map of the structure and reduces the inspection of large structures for corrosion to a short period of time.

TA-LRUT (Tank Annular Ring Automated UT) inspection of the annular ring area of crude oil storage tanks using an in-house developed automated scanner. This detects hidden corrosion beneath the tank annular ring which is capable of compromising the structural integrity of the tank.

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